Karen Marie Moning’s Darkfever Series Has Serious BITE!

I am three books deep into the (soon to be) five-book FEVER Series by Karen Marie Moning and I am…”in love”!

Yet it was a long courtship. One fraught with a wonky set-up in the first novel and a somewhat unsympathetic protagonist. Our heroine (MacKayla or Mac) represents the opposite of what one might expect from this tenebrous genre (sci-fi/fantasy/horror/erotica). She is perky, pink, and unwilling to embrace the “darkness” that fans of such mystic fiction crave…and perhaps that is why she turns out to be the perfect martyr!

The Fever Series transports us to modern-day Ireland, now overwrought with malevolent Fae (gouls, goblins, and similar nasties) from ancient-mystical times, where our girl is the unwilling center of it all as a genetically predisposed “monster-detector” and the improbable key-figure meant to save the world (as we humans know it). Sound dramatic? It is. Yet, Moning makes this nearly real-time series unwind as fast as an episode of 24. The quick pace, somewhat brief character development and rich vignettes throughout each novel leave the reader feinding for another brief glimpse into this catastrophic other-worldly scene. 

And the sex scenes. Without any REAL sex. Are voluptuous. How? Well, without being overindulgent…often, hearing about someone’s pleasure can be just as exciting as experiencing it yourself! The author has quite a knack for depicting the nuances of female excitement and orgasm, that honestly leave me…wanting.

Which I think is the main thrust of The Fever Series…to leave us WANTING. To touch us in just the right places. To excite us with: fantastically sensual monsters, fast sexy cars (Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 and Bugatti Veyron, to name but a few), beautifully sinister women and men, and an end-of-the-world plot that keeps us cheering for our unwitting heroine.

And trust me…you will want to take it ALL IN…if you can!

Nothing like a tease…xxx c.

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