A Comment on…US?: Hark,The Return of Sexism! … Hallelujah? (via )

I want to thank XESENTA  (http://xesenta.wordpress.com) for posting this piece on author, Natasha Walter’s newest book (“Living Dolls: The return of sexism”) that scrutinizes our “oversexed” modern-society. Walter asserts that, while gender politics have been reformed in terms of “gender-equality”, CULTURE HAS NOT. That, in fact, sexism has “slid in through the back door,” and is alive and well, as can be witnessed in our erotically-obsessed existence. Walter sites the integration of pole-dancing, breast implants, and porn-stars into our mainstream culture as evidence for her argument. Additionally, she provides evidence against biologically determined gender-identity, from a mother’s perspective.

While, I certainly agree with her latter premise, the former leaves me wondering…scratching my chin for some serious self-reflection!

The book seems a bit difficult to get a hold of in the States, but you can bet that if I do get my lil hands on it…there will be a book review on my “other” site (http://conchitasopenbook.tumblr.com) sooner than you can say…the F word, not not that one the OTHER one…FEMINISM!

Stay Tuned…xxx c

Hark,The Return of Sexism! ... Hallelujah? British Puritanism has reared its horny head in the form of  Natasha Walter as she thinks that [ Sex Sells ] is the [ New ] Sexism! is she serious? Or does she need a spanking? seeMORE_on_staggstreet.com In her 1998 book, The New Feminism, Natasha Walter argued that the feminist adage the “personal is political” needed to ditch the “personal” and focus on broader political goals. Feminists shouldn’t worry so much about sexual objectification, Wal … Read More


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