The Impact of MEMORY in DEATH…

I admit…I am on Facebook far too often during the day, posting events, answering emails…and yes…shooting the (proverbial) shit.

Here and there I come across a jewel of knowledge, a bit of entertaining gossip, a great snippet of art, a touching image…and then sometimes I come across something disturbing…like today:

Today, on my innocuous ” FEED” I was witness to…DEATH.

A suicide to be exact.

And to deny that this experience in no way  impacted me…to say that, immediately upon “clicking” the image and reading others’ comments, I did not become a part of this tragedy…would be a lie. It is a lie which I believe may be too tempting in these modern-times of cyber-living.

It is (still) shocking to me that in today’s world someone can:

1. Jump from the railing of a crowded mall.

2. Die.

(someone else can)

3. Capture the image on a cell phone and then…

4. Upload it on to Facebook.

5. Send it to friends via MMS.

(and yet other’s can also)

6. View this suicide, 15 min. after it occurred.

7. Comment on the picture.

And everyone, except for the young man who committed suicide, goes on with their lives…most with only the subtlest reaction:

“Recession equals depression…joblessness is making for tough times”



“who took this shot?”

“That’s crazy kid!”


These are all comments posted under the image of a man who just jumped to his end…his head “broken” on the tile below.

His life has ended…and no one…asked WHO HE WAS.

NO ONE WONDERED WHY…What happened before…after? Was his family there? Who would take a picture like this? Who would post it? Who would look at it? Who would comment? WHY?

I recognize that these things happen every day…that death and loss is part of life, BUT…I can’t help but feel somewhat responsible for the impact when it touches me…even if it is by chance…


I have to wonder why…I need to honor this loss…through understanding my own reactions, even if it is not the remembrance this man deserves…I feel like I owe him…myself…us…SOMETHING, even if it is simple reflection

THAT is why I blog, to mark and remember instances in my life that impact me…instances that alter my thinking, my life, my heart…that is why I am blogging now…so that perhaps this young man’s death…this small “memory” of a life I never even knew…can represent something.

I can wax-on about the typical reasons for suicide, the impact of depression and suicidal thoughts…secondary trauma and the desire to defend against “death” in all of us…but I will not…this blog is not about academia, psychology, or deep social perspectives, rather it is about MEMORY.

Memory is…by far…the greatest gift we can give someone who is lost…someone who is gone…someone who is dead.

Memory is…what I can offer…you.

I have faith, that it will be enough.

Thank you…c.

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