It’s Not A Number On an IQ-Test, It’s An ABILITY…A TALENT!

One of the “exclusive” skills of a clinical psychologist is to administer psychological tests…many are personality or psychiatric related, some assess intellectual functioning and ye,s that includes THE infamous IQ Test….the one that is supposed to tell you how “smart” you are but actually measures your ability to fit into the mold of what (mainstream) society deems as intelligence.

Don’t get me wrong, these tests have their place and are certainly helpful when given to younger people seeking benefits and assistance through the educational system for specific deficits or for adults who have suffered traumatic brain injuries…BUT…for most of us, their use is limited to pigeonholing us as “average“. NOT that there is a thing wrong with AVERAGE…except that, having experienced and appreciated my fair share of the more creative aspects of live, I have to say…I think we as individuals are a bit more nuanced when it comes to our INTELLIGENCE.

I have come to the belief (through the possession of this “special knowledge”) that in fact, true intelligence cannot be found simply through reading books, collecting information and skill-sets, perfecting a technique, or by accumulating degrees…Rather true intelligence rests in the ability to absorb, analyze, and then APPLY that learning…perhaps taking a feeling/a moment/history/an idea/a movement and then re-understanding it as representative of a larger pattern that then becomes: art/music/dance/writing…and speaks to millions or just one…intelligence is…about the ability to create connections where before there were NONE…intelligence is creativity!


4 thoughts on “It’s Not A Number On an IQ-Test, It’s An ABILITY…A TALENT!

  1. teo says:

    Recently i had a discussion about that problem of IQ-Test with my prof – creativity is simply too complex to be measured by a standardized test 🙂
    I think that there’s nothing wrong with average, but with “gifted” or “highly intelligent” if it’s based only a score over 130 and leads to changes in you, your peer and family.

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