HATE: Just For The LOVE of IT!

You know…the purpose of this blog was to have a forum to combine my disparate worlds, to have a place to express ALL of who I am in a free and public atmosphere, without judgment and yet accepting differing opinions.

This was never a site meant to dispense clinical advice, which is why I do not use my real name, nor was it meant to serve those who suffer from mental illness…honestly, I don’t think the internet in ANY capacity is an adequate means for psychiatric treatment.

This WAS and IS a blog to delve into the depths of our sensual nature while questioning the psychological motivation behind such drives…wishes…fantasies. EXPLORATION!

And for the most part I find this a place of great freedom…of expression…I find a bit of anonymity refreshing…and yet…as much love and encouragement…connection…and understanding, which I recieve ten-fold…AND I also get a bit of HATE in the mix!

And let me tell you…the hate is done with such fervor! In fact I often keep it posted here, it is usually something chastising me about being a clinician that is seriously trouncing ethical standards. Threats to “report” me, to the APA (American Psychological Association) I imagine, although no one EVER identifies themselves…Surprise! Surprise! In all honesty, this entity/pseudo-name if you prefer is NOT a mental health clinician…but I am…so I imagine rules are being bent…even broken…which is only cause for a smile with me…a crooked smile though…because:


Is the material contained in this blog so dangerous? I can answer that…NO.  And I am well aware that it is in fact “colleagues” themselves that are lashing out…HATING…because as we all know it is is easiest to:



Well I suppose because it is what haunts us most…what whispers in our ear…late at night…just before slipping off to sleep…those unreachable desires, unexplored fantasies, barriers we yearn to break…the things that make us most fearful are the things we find easiest to HATE…and yet on the flip side they are things we…might…wonder about…something we secretly…WANT!

Not ALWAYS…there are clear HATE…like violence, racism, cruelty…but still there is a lot of room for hate of another color!

Take my haters, clearly versed in the ethics of being a clinician and yet…they never identify themselves…NEVER in fact reach out to contact me…Why? Well, I think the short answer is because they are in fact more than a little afraid that what they seem to have an almost visceral reaction to…is something they might YEARN FOR AND DESIRE to explore IN THEMSELVES…It is a theory…no less no more, but it makes me feel a little better…and in the event that someone shuts my little blog down…no worries…I will be back…it’s not like I use my real name anyway!

So I Salute: MY HATERS!

You give me reason for pause…and LOVE…xxx c.

3 thoughts on “HATE: Just For The LOVE of IT!

  1. Sen says:

    I am (as always) in awe of your honesty and ability to share yourself. I don’t read many Blogs I must admit. But yours, I adore! Even if I didn’t know you, I imagine I’d wish I did. With all the love that is there for you by those who adore you, I can’t imagine this “hate” being but the smallest blip on your radar! I always jabber away so I will end here in saying in my very best Mixed Girl from The BX voice: “Do you Ma!!!”
    I love you!

  2. C. Thoughts says:

    I must add that I have never at any point read or seen any direct mention of your “real” name nor any given “advice”. Its beyond me why any sane adult would criticize the BLOGGING of another individual. And to REPORT you? Who is this CRAZED person filled with so much venom they must spew it at innocent individuals within their personal lives and freedom of expression!? It sickens me to say the least! It MUST be a woman! Only a woman would have such tremendous bigotry and hatred towards another. Its a sad state we are in when women treat each other in such a way. I’m sure I speak for us all when I say, please continue on! We not only look forward to, but greatly enjoy your spirit within this blog!

  3. teo says:

    Exactly 🙂 If they don’t hate you and there’s nothing wrong with you for doing things, that they’ll never have the guts to do, there must be something wrong with them (and there is, but they don’t want to see that). Keep going 🙂

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