The Vampire Lover: An Erotic Dreamscape (Chapter I)

For two nights, her lover had come. No that was not right exactly, it had been two nights since her murderer had arrived. Bringing a death so sweet…tenuous and erotic; a satisfaction, she never imagined possible. It was a death breathed from life itself.

Her lover’s true form was not known to her, unless a gender itself was malleable…for even the face and body, revealed to her on the previous eve, resembled the other. It was as if her sweet killer was not one but two, perhaps twins…The most exquisitely beautiful man and woman she had ever laid eyes upon. However that seemed doubtful as at the center of her being, in her soul, she knew. For it was the same touch…the same kiss…the same rhythmic movement of their bodies against one another, hot and fleshy…the taste of skin…the feel of muscle flexing…and the end…the end, her ending, was the same both nights prior…

The first night she came.

Lily drifted toward sleep…her mind floating on a pillow of blanket-like softness…pieces of her day unwinding, freed from linear processes…they became fragments of reality:

Work…walking down the hallway…the mesh cup pencil-holder on her desk. The train…the smell of urine and the sound of Lady GaGa blaring out all consciousness…Rah Rah…Home…the softness of her cat…the heat of the shower…wet…dark…ddeeeeeppppp…

From the shadows of her dream the woman not so much stepped, as glided. Having no time to comprehend the intentions of this apparition, Lily only had a moment to note her presence as in the next, the woman was astride her. She was nude…lithe and long…skin the color of porcelain…her expression was calm, almost sanguine. She didn’t move for what seemed a very long time. Both women stared into one another’s eyes…where developing intentions and desires began to unfold. Lily, clearly in the defensive position, felt a great wash of submission run over her. She felt comforted and safe, a flicker of sexual yearning beginning to rise from deep within her.

The woman appeared to be aglow…to Lily it was a strange trick as the light seemed to both emanate and originate from her…she appeared to pulse…even the woman’s features appeared impermanent as the light lifted off of her high sculpted cheek bones…her large and wide-set, ruby tinted-eyes seemed to gleam as if they were on fire…Her lips…appeared to have a wet sheen all of their own…dark…and slightly parted…her teeth revealed sharp points…wanting. And her skin…before she even reached out to touch the woman, Lily knew its touch..soft and A thousand utterances sped through Lily’s mind, yet she spoke nothing…and simply remained still…silently, waiting…

The woman spoke, in a voice so sublime it seemed to sing and wrench at Lily’s heart, leaning down…close, petal soft lips brushing trembling skin:

“Death can be like ecstasy, I can show you.
It was a declaration, and not an invitation and the words came crashing down…A tidal wave of desire engulfed Lily…escaping in an audible and sound…pleading, as a cat’s cry…and then…the burning began.

Starting as an insignificant warm tingle in her middle, the woman began to slide weightless along the length of Lily’s body, the heat soon became a flame kindling into a fire. Lily could not lay still. It was as if the threatening words the woman had spoken were in fact simply inane whispers of a lover meant to entreat and titillate. Lily did not care. Her only wish was of unexpressed surrender.

The woman’s mouth was hot upon her…

Her tongue like a serpent, impossibly long and searching…Lily motioned to touch her beautiful hair and quickly found her hands secured above her head. It was not unpleasant. She understood, she was to submit…and Lily found that, for the very first time in her existence, she had never ever wanted anything so thoroughly or completely. She relaxed into the moment…

The woman’s tongue continued its exploration…alternating between long strong strokes, along her delicate shoulders and then down to her taut stomach, to quick flicking teases across her rounded breast and up to her collar-bone. Lily’s thoughts came as feelings and images rather than complete interpretations of her experience:

Clouds, wind, the tickle of a blade of grass…calm…safe…the touch of the sun’s rays…LIGHT! Light everywhere.

The fire burned and…

The woman’s careful licks became playful, intimate bites. First, an excruciatingly pleasureful nip to her breast, gliding to nipping, and turning swiftly into a suckling that made Lily’s back arch high off of her sheets when lips turned to teeth and her nipple seems to sting sending vibrations of pleasure that reverberated throughout her body. Lily felt the pressure on her wrists tighten and relaxed into captor, once more.

The woman’s sharp teeth lightly scrapped a path downward. Her wrists now free, Lily lay prone unable to move past even this moment. Her teeth were a knife being carefully raked across her ribcage…her navel…her hip bone…until…FIRE! Lily sensed rather than felt the women’s movement to her epicenter of pleasure. Mouth, tongue, teeth on her delicate places…moving to the hallow where her thigh met her now pulsating pussy. It was too much. She began to writhe. Fight even for this woman’s touch was unlike any she had known, male or female, igniting desires unformulated and pleasure unmatched. Lily’s soft sighs were now desperate screams and again her thoughts flowed:

Wet…warm like the sea…drowning in a sea of wanting…more…

The woman’s voice floated up to Lily, lilting and birdlike…she was laughing,

“Hush, my sweet…we have only begun.”
More effective than physical restraint, again Lily quieted her struggle although it seemed more of a challenge to comprehend anything apart from her own pleasure.

And now, the lover was upon her lifting and turning her over…nipping her…lengthy licks and sensuous sucking…further down. Lily backed into her lover’s tongue feeling it’s penetration strong and exhilarating, each lick shocking electricity to her core. The build up had been too long and she felt as if her entire body was now alight…glowing hot embers…every touch, every lick, burned and caused her to shrink away. Sensing this the lover, grabbing her hips and ass, pulled her closer and surrendering to her own sensitivity Lily allowed it…with great and unmatched pleasure

The Lover’s tongue sank deeply into her, without warning or pretense…the effect was: SHATTERING. Lily could only comprehend the tip of her lovers tongue as it darted inside of her…and then out again…landing expertly on her clit and starting a chain reaction of sensations. The searing feeling was quickly overtaken as waves of ecstasy wracked her body. Caught, Lily knew neither time nor space…she was suspended, engulfed and embraced in the revelry that permeated the physical and quickly became purely experiential

Oh the sensations…she was quivering, as burning heat turned to an icy surge…Lily floated from her orgasm to feel the lover’s body clenched tightly against hers. She was pinned. She stiffened, her instinct for danger instantly triggered but before she could act…Lily opened her eyes, just as…

The lover’s teeth sank deeply into her neck…
White hot liquid seemed to pour from her and it’s release was ecstasy unbridled. Pure. Lily was awash with peace. It seemed impossible, but she felt now the perfect melding of pleasure and pain…desire and satisfaction…The prickly sensitivity that often accompanied arousal and climax dissolved into a simple flowing of ecstasy

But wait, something was not right. Instead of ebbing away, this feeling was draining…taking everything from her. From far away Lily heard the sick sound of sucking…her energy seeping out of her until only a small trickle remained. Her thoughts became a jumble of the irrational:

What is happening to me? Is this sex? Is this rape? Is this murder? Am I dying…? I cannot…
She could not open her eyes…but a humming came low and deep, sounding like the secret of a dream she would never reveal…it was the lover, murmuring…bidding her goodnight…drifting far, far…father away now…
Lily had gone too far to ever come back.
(The end of Part I).

10 thoughts on “The Vampire Lover: An Erotic Dreamscape (Chapter I)

  1. Gi says:

    Glad you did finish this masterpeace, what a way to start my day reading this spice, hot and romantic story. A tittle I adore, very well my dear.
    I will go cool down now.

    • Charly CONCHITA Carlyle says:

      lol…Thank you Gi…This is just the first chapter and I am trying to find my “legs” with writing erotica…I have written academic and research pieces for so long I find I am hesistant when writing about sex…so hopefully I will warm up…thinking 3 chapters for this short story…just to get me going and find my style…ya know…?

  2. special_one3 says:

    I loved loved loved it it was AMAZIN and you used pics aswell 🙂
    and its so out there that you used the name Lily just before christmas i had to send some stories to a lady of the same name from queens that was into vampire erotica stories anyways back to ur story i cant wait for the other 2 chapters 😀
    i would love for you to read one of the stories that was sent to her if would be interested?? its to long to post on your page but i could email it to you if you wish??lemme know ok 🙂
    And again just amazing work

  3. GioNYC says:

    Yes!!! This is just the best! Really juicy material. Such a blast to read. Brings back memories from when we used to read all the vampire lore. Am so glad your writing my friend. Really looking forward to the next few chapters. Stay on it. It’s all happening!!!!!!!!! xo

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