My Angel

Under the shelter of his own wings

he found quiet joy.

A solitude of buffered layers

with the lightness of a thousand whispers

and the strength of pure kindness,

he closed his eyes and dreamt.


That night,

he heard the music of lilting voices

from between the wings of a dove.


And then, just at dawn,

there, upon his wings

shone white and gold;

glinting through the spaces

and creating columns of light

in the darkness.


In another moment,

His wings opened and spread into the light.

They took him higher and higher;

higher than his hopes,

his fears,

his dreams,

his desires.


His wings stretched and strained

to absorb all the light.

He could feel the glow of the warmth

flowing through him.

His freedom took him

higher still…


And then, he opened his eyes

and…he found love.

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