One: Flows From One, Grows From (An)Other


A merging of two souls:

To take a Heart and split it.


That suffering is pain

from the splitting of one

and the joining, merging of two.

Two that make one.

The severing hurts.

It pains not only the heart, but the mind.

Filled with loss

and finally a yearning for wholeness.


To join (an)other also creates pain.

They are two separate and this,

different halves.

The fit is never perfect.

The sharp edges intensify the pain.

But, it is through this pain

that the pleasure and joy of becoming

a part of (an)other is experienced.

It is a feeling of wholeness that comes only from (an)other.

A soul, a heart that is joined

can never again be separated.

It can be joined again.

But, if the links are true,

they will never break.

We join hearts many times throughout our lives

And after the first

our souls, ourselves will never

be completely alone again.

We will always have the other.

A loss only to have (a)gain.

There can be no pleasure without an equal or greater sacrifice of pain…

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