Man Wrongly Accused of Rape: One Woman’s Folly is a Social Constructivist’s Dream

The Headline Reads, “The truth hurts rape liar” (justice_happened_things_system_solomon_JyyLFVitMM4bx63gpD1ouI)

In short, and to do the story a terrible injustice, this current event is centered around a man who was falsely convicted of rape and only freed after his accuser was challenged by a lack of DNA evidence and after 4 years in prison.

Heinous, is your initial reaction as was mine…and it only gets worse. She was drawn into making this claim after leaving a party drunk, accepting a ride from this man (with a legal history no less), and getting “shit” from her girlfriends the next day for “leaving the party early”. 

No doubt this is a Nasty-Dish to be served…and then to actually serve-it (for 4 years no less!)  is, well nauseating! And we can all wax-on about how awful this is, “the poor fellow”…we can sit around the water cooler, send the IM…You get the idea…what I am getting at here though is a slightly more provocative take.

Now listen…I am not trying to win any popularity contests here…I am just stating a…contrary opinion, based on…brace yourself and do NOT cringe…well you can, but then keep reading…FEMINIST THEORY.

I know. I KNOW. You have heard it all before…women are treated with inequity when compared to men in social, economic, and political rhelms…but when we look at this situation through this particualr lens the “blame” becomes less clearcut  and more reflective of a fault in our society, essentially not simply about this cruel individual-woman.

Here is what we know about Rape. Less than 50% (est.) of all rapes are reported. 30% of  people “blame the victim” in some capacity when it comes to situations involving rape. So what we have is a society that continues to repress the reality of rape and perpetuate views that are archaic and arguably dangerous to its victims.

Taken to the extreme…I would contend that in cases of rape there are many more perpetrators that “get away with it” than are wrongly accused, as in this case…and yet I can only think that the reason we don’t see articles in the NY Post titled: “Teens-girls report less than half of all rapes committed,” is that as a society we find it much more appealing to reinforce the idea that rape is unjustified than to really support the fact that somewhere between 25-33% of all women will experience sexual abuse/assault in their lifetime. Afterall, much of our life (or so the media would have us believe) is about placating and/or manipulating our fears while simultaneously championing our fantasies.

In the end…we maybe left with the notion that everyone…man or woman is an individual and can only be evaluated from that standpoint…but then, that wouldn’t be fair either as we are all a part of the social-web from which our gender is unwittingly woven…

And so, perhaps our unwitting victim was indeed the man and the perpetrator the woman, in this case…or maybe the woman was also a victim of a society that searches for “evil”…or to take it one more step, perhaps the media violates all of us when they chose a particular “fantastic” and anomulous story over then general reality…any way you look at it it seems we are all slaves to Our Own Particular Social Construction…meaning one woman’s fantasy is another woman’s reality and that society in the end will decide who is GUILTY and who is INNOCENT.

10 thoughts on “Man Wrongly Accused of Rape: One Woman’s Folly is a Social Constructivist’s Dream

  1. Leroy Scandal says:

    This just shows us both genders are capable of heinous acts.
    Clearly she has committed a terrible crime against that man,
    four years of his life is gone,
    she has also committed a crime against women who are
    legitimate victims.

  2. Leroy Scandal says:

    My rage doesn’t betray me, I mean for it to be shown.
    I find her actions to be damaging to that man,
    and woman who are legitimate rape victims
    I mean for my position to be clear, and I am clearly
    trying to understand you, however you point is
    not clear to me, and I am requesting clarification
    concerning the complexities central to the criminal case,
    Conchita Charly Carlyle.

    • Conchita says:

      Okay…I am not going to get into a whole back and forth here because I know that people who read this could give a shit, but in terms of clarification…MY post was not about the “complexities” of a criminal case, rather it was an attempt at illustrating the complexities from a social constructivist’s perspective while at the same time challenging the popular reaction (yours)…that’s all love…now go back and repost that Penis Blog, it may have been your defining piece, so to speak!

      • Leroy Scandal says:

        I asked for clarification,
        and you called me a penis.

        You have become quite defensive,
        Do you always call people names
        when you get mad?

        I wasn’t attacking you, calm down.

        You disagreed with me, then you agreed with me,
        now you are challenging my reaction.

        You have taken the left, the right, and the middle position,
        you don’t actually know what you are trying to say,
        so I will not pressure you further. I don’t want you to
        feel the need to call me a penis again.

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