Frida Kahlo: Inspiration through pain & beauty

Frida Kahlo was and remains such an icon, a source of inspiration, curiosity, even confusion to many. This small Mexican folk-artist who rose to prominence only after her painful and passionate life had ended, her artistic career eclipsed by her famed husband while she was alive. So many are moved by her art and perhaps even more so by her story. Gio recently watched this clip ( below) and reflected that it made him cry and yet was confused by his own reaction to these strung together images from Frida’s life. I do have an inkling as to why, he and so many others including myself are moved by this tenacious, artistic, strong, sensual, political and intelligent woman…because she was so REAL. In her CONFLICTS as in her LIFE, she EXPERIENCED and then EXPRESSED an exaggeration of what we all feel: joy, pain, sex, family, politics, career…and yet every step of the way…she embraced all of these dynamics with more than simple passion, she approached them with LOVE…and perhaps that is why this piece may touch you…as it did me.

It is a rare being that can both experience and express all of their life, with a lack of self-consciousness, just plain HONESTY. I suppose Frida was brave in a way I hope to be, one day.

frida_kahlo_tree_of_hope_1946.jpg frieda kahlo image by hannahbobana

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