My first DOC screening 2/10/09 @ Anthology Film Archives!



Is a Documentary directed by: Ariel Hilton Ruiz.

Art or Porn? That is the question

the art world has asked ever since man first put

his mark on the wall.


Artists include:


Guy Gonzalez
Tony KnightHawk
Barbara Nitke
Steven Speliotis
Michelle Wild

This is an important film, that I had the pleasure to be cast in…Yes it is of the “EROTIC” type…with ONE EXCEPTION…it is also a very insightful comment on the politics of erotica in art

Through interviews with the artists themselves (erotic photographers, graphic artists, performance art) the director attempts to elucidate the motivation behind their unique and controversial creativity providing a solid argument for freedom in artistic expression, which has more recently been regulated by newly implemented governmental media standards.


While I am just a small part of this project (the model) I urge you all to support the freedoms this film represents politically…and hopefully you’ll be able to come out to one of the viewings…the first was 2/10/09 at Anthology Film Archives and this was also the first time I had the chance to view the film and to be honest I am very very proud to have been included and to have my opinions and commentary so conscientiously portrayed-not to mention the sexually explicit scenes are hot as hell (thank you to my editor! Lol.).

This is a fantastic and well made project as a whole and the buzz in terms of distribution and appreciation of the film is HUGE (think major markets) and I think the director, the artists, and all involved in the project deserve IT ALL! Good Work…and I hope to keep everyone posted in terms of where this little project with a conscious ends up…and that ALL OF YOU…will join me for the REALEASE PARTY…which of course TWISTED SEDUCTION will be hosting.


Thank you…for your support, always…conchita.

Also here are some stills from the Film.

Photographer: Mayumi….




Steven Speliotis….


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