Chest ridiculous: This creepy hand tool allows women to exercise their breasts bigger

Charly CONCHITA Carlyle:

Breast implants would be so much more…efficient; however, not as cost effective. Ha. Happy Saturday NymphoBrainiacs! Dr. C.

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The Oppai Taisou Hand (breast massager) invented by Takiko Shindo

Handy breast massager (Picture: Oppai Taisou Hand)

So here’s the thing…

Women in Japan who are unhappy with the shape and size of their breastage are turning to writer and celebrity midwife (!) Takiko Shindo, who is famed for her ‘breast gymnastics’ (don’t remember those in London 2012), to sort their pups out.

Shindo has developed The Oppai Taisou Hand (which apparently translates to ‘Boob Exercise Hand’ or ‘The Job Every Man Wishes He Had’) which is a pink plastic manual massager that sculpts your bust into plump perky perfection. They say.

Now we’re no doctors, but the ‘science’ – boobs sag because ligaments are clinging to the muscle, and the shape and grip of the OT Hand can separate the ligaments and therefore bounce the boobs back to their original position – leaves us cold.

More than that, digging at yourself with a fuchsia claw is gonna make you…

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All I Want for Christmas is…A Penis ‘n’ Balls Necklace!

Screen shot 2014-12-12 at 5.41.38 PM


For $790…you can have your very own gold/silver  small/medium/large DESIGNER PENIS NECKLACE!

Tom Ford (who earned his credentials designing for Gucci) has brought to us this rather…robotic looking phallus in a shape which…rather blasphemously, resembles a cross!!

Oh my heaven…that makes it the perfect Christmas gift, does it not?!?!

Happy Friday!

Dr. NymphoBrainiac

How to give oral sex to a woman

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I found this “guide” to oral sex well balanced and accurate. If there is anything I would add it’s that oral sex is a highly individual experience…meaning: ask your partner what she likes and doesn’t. Also…I would add that girl-girl oral sex is a bit different from guy-girl in terms of approach…But , before I offer mine, I am curious about your opinions…xxx dr.c.

additional comment…after some discussion with a girlfriend…DO WHAT YOU’RE GOOD AT!

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For many women, oral sex if the source of immense pleasure. The orgasm achieved during oral sex can be much stronger and can bring much more pleasure than climax achieved during regular intercourse.

If you want to become a good lover, it is important that you learned to give your woman this kind of pleasure. The only difficulty lies in the fact that the place that gives her most pleasure when caressed, the clitoris, is hidden in hard to find, dark corner of her body. So often you have to take your time to find and feel her clitoris.

Here’s what you should know before you start.

1. Start by caressing the entire body. Kiss her neck, chest and massage her neck. Touch her most intimate places. Do not rush. Do not take off her clothes right away. Take your time, take off her clothes piece by piece. Try to…

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Dazed & (not so) Confused: A Contemporary Sex Survey


Recently (September 2014), Dazed (a digital arts and culture magazine) published the results from their large scale (114 countries, 10,500 participants) sex survey exploring:

“What you want, who you want and how you do it from the screen to the bedroom.”


Suspending my need for scientific rigor, there are some fascinating findings from the study, which focused primarily on today’s youth, dubbed, generation swipe:


  • Men are twice as likely to lie about their identity online.
  • 50% of us send naked selfies, but if you like sex when you’re high, or have had sex with more than one person in a day, you’re notably more likely.
    • 40% of you like having sex on drugs, and 36% have had sex with more than one person in a day. If you’re that way inclined, you’re more likely to be the type to send over a naked picture to a significant other


  • Gay men use apps to get laid will surprise no one, but still, the numbers were striking – more than 50% primarily use apps to hook up, compared with the heterosexual 10%.
  • 28% of Americans felt that technology made their sex lives more neurotic, less erotic.


  • Consumption and viewing of porn has been transformed:
    • 25% of respondents never watch pornography, 59% watch it one to five times a week, and 16% six or more times.
    • While the majority of women indulge at least once a week, only 4% do so six or more times a week, compared with 60% of men who watch it nearly every day or more.


“Straight women’s consumption of lesbian porn outstrips men’s: only gay or bisexual women watch more girl-on-girl. The fact that twice as many girls chose “other” as their favorite porn type than guys, for example, suggests that mainstream porn does not cater for women’s needs as well as it does their male equivalents.”

  • >50% of all respondents have never had sex on camera, 34% have: about two thirds of this group regarded it as positive experience which they’d like to repeat, and 9% of all respondents – said they would never do it again.



  • 44% use protection all the time, 46% some of time, 10% never.
    • Gay men are the most careful demographic, with half always using a condom, and less than 5% saying never, the lowest of any demographic.
    • Gay women, alternatively, use protection the least, with over two thirds never using protection, and under 20% using it always.



  • 1 in 5 of us see polyamory as the perfect set-up.
    • Straight guys are bigger fans of multiple-partner relationships than straight girls.
  • Bisexual people of both genders are least likely to identify with monogamy as the perfect domestic set-up, and the most likely to favour a poly relationship.
  • 8% say that love is “everything”, while 32% said that it meant nothing.
  • A resounding 75% said that sex was important or very important, with only 3% saying it was unimportant.
    • sex was more essential to women than men – with more gay and bisexual women rating it as “important or very important” than their male counterparts.


While we can wonder about confounding factors, or the soundness of the study design, etc…we cannot discount the interesting nature of some of these findings or the fact that they reflect some real shifts in our sexual realities…some good, some not so much…but, overall it’s striking (and pleasing) to see that we are becoming much more open and accepting when it comes to variant sexual expressions and our responsible enjoyment of…it ALL! ;-) xxx Dr. NymphoBrainiac.